Yasser Kotb

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A software design is often modeled as a collection of unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams. There are different aspects of the software system that are covered by many different UML diagrams. This leads for big risk that the overall specification of the system becomes inconsistent and incompleteness. This inherits the necessary to check the consistency(More)
DNA microarrays allow simultaneous measurements of expression levels for a large number of genes across a number of different experimental conditions (samples). The algorithms for mining association rules are used to reveal biologically relevant associations between different genes under different experimental samples. This paper presents a new(More)
The MCR-Miner algorithm is aimed to mine all maximal high confident association rules form the microarray up/down-expressed genes data set. This paper introduces two new algorithms: IMCR-Miner and PMCR-Miner. The IMCR-Miner algorithm is an extension of the MCR-Miner algorithm with some improvements. These improvements implement a novel way to store the(More)
In this chapter, we consider the problem of checking the consistency of the semantics associated with extensible markup language (XML) documents. We propose a novel technique to add semantics to XML documents by attaching semantic information to the XML element tag attributes. We call this technique XML semantics. It is based on the same concept as(More)
Software reuse is the use of software resources from all stages of the software development process in new applications. Rather the opportunistically reuse (e.g., by cutting and pasting code snippets from existing programs into new programs), we consider here the systematic reuse. This paper introduces a novel framework that helps identify automatically the(More)
Formal online errors/bugs documentation of real-time software is a difficult and error prone task. Conceptual and tool support for this activity plays a central role in the agenda of building large complex software products, especially if this software targets market abroad that requires a continuous massive inflow of data customers' needs and a regarding(More)