Yasser Attia Albagory

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—This paper presents a new technique for location determination using the promising technique of stratospheric platform (SP) flying at altitudes 17-22 km high and a suitable Direction-of-Arrival technique (DOA). The SP system is preferable due to its superior communication performance compared to conventional terrestrial and satellite systems. The proposed(More)
In this paper, an efficient beamforming technique is proposed where the Kaiser window is designed and applied to the uniform concentric circular arrays (UCCA) for sidelobe reduction. This technique is based on tapering the current amplitudes of the rings in the array, where all elements in an individual ring are weighted in amplitude by the same value.(More)
In this paper, cellular communications from Stratospheric Platforms (SPs) is studied and the footprint analysis and design are demonstrated. In the analysis part two coverage schemes are discussed; flat-earth and real-earth models and the cell footprint is determined in each case. The flat-earth provides simple footprint equations describing the cell(More)