Yasser Attia Albagory

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In this paper, an array processing technique is proposed for the vertical linear array to generate flat-top ring-shaped cells in the High-Altitude Platforms cellular system. This new cell design will improve the power distribution and carrier-to-interference ratio (CIR) over the cell area through twoweighting functions applied to a vertical linear array;(More)
This paper proposes a novel beamforming technique to form an arbitrary-shaped cell for the high-altitude platforms (HAPs) mobile communications. The new technique is based on pattern summation of individual low-sidelobe, narrow beams which constitute the desired cell pattern weighted by an amplitude correcting function. The new cell pattern can be adapted(More)
This paper presents a new technique for location determination using the promising technique of stratospheric platform (SP) flying at altitudes 17-22 km high and a suitable Direction-of-Arrival technique (DOA). The SP system is preferable due to its superior communication performance compared to conventional terrestrial and satellite systems. The proposed(More)
In this paper, cellular communications from Stratospheric Platforms (SPs) is studied and the footprint analysis and design are demonstrated. In the analysis part two coverage schemes are discussed; flat-earth and real-earth models and the cell footprint is determined in each case. The flat-earth provides simple footprint equations describing the cell(More)