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At UC Irvine, we are building a next generation parallel database system, called ASTERIX, as our approach to addressing today's " Big Data " management challenges. ASTERIX aims to combine time-tested principles from parallel database systems with those of the Web-scale computing community, such as fault tolerance for long running jobs. In this demo, we(More)
AsterixDB is a new, full-function BDMS (Big Data Management System) with a feature set that distinguishes it from other platforms in today's open source Big Data ecosystem. Its features make it well-suited to applications like web data warehousing, social data storage and analysis, and other use cases related to Big Data. Aster-ixDB has a flexible NoSQL(More)
This paper proposes a progressive approach to entity resolution (ER) that allows users to explore a trade-off between the resolution cost and the achieved quality of the resolved data. In particular, our approach aims to produce the highest quality result given a constraint on the resolution budget , specified by the user. Our proposed method monitors and(More)
Domical is a recently introduced cooperative caching technique for streaming media (audio and video clips) in wireless home networks. It employs asymmetry of the available link bandwidths to control placement of data across the caches of different devices. A key research question is what are the merits of this design decision. To answer this question, we(More)
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