Yasong Zheng

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For the purpose of accelerating deblocking filter, which accounts for a significant percentage of H.264/AVC decoding time, some researchers use multi-core platforms to achieve the required performance. We study the problem under the context of many-core systems. Parallelization of deblocking filter on many-core platform is challenging not only because(More)
MapReduce is a popular parallel programming model to program both large scale clusters and shared-memory multicore systems. While one of the major bottlenecks for shared-memory MapReduce is memory allocation. In this paper, we present a Memory Controlling Model (MCM) that can reduce the overhead of memory allocation by reducing the memory consumption. Based(More)
Inefficient resource utilization of communication cell and base station is the major limitation of traditional Radio Access Network (RAN), which makes Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) becomes a promising infrastructure. C-RAN data centers face physical constraints in space and power, so the efficient utilization of hardware is more critical. General(More)
Power has been a big issue in processor design for several years. As caches account for more and more CPU die area and power, this paper presents using filtering unnecessary way accesses to reduce dynamic power consumption of unified L2 cache shared by instruction and data. Our methods include using Invalid Filter, which could eliminate accesses to cache(More)
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