Yasna Ghanbari Birgani

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Some multi-path routing algorithm in MANET, simultaneously send information to the destination through several directions to reduce end-to-end delay. In all these algorithms, the sent traffic through a path affects the adjacent path and unintentionally increases the delay due to the use of adjacent paths. Because, there are repetitive competitions among(More)
Some of multi-path routing algorithms in MANETs use multiple paths simultaneously. These algorithms can attempt to find node-disjoint to achieve higher fault tolerance. By using node-disjoint paths, it is expected that the end-to-end delay in each case should be independent of each other. However, because of natural properties and medium access mechanisms(More)
One of the promising applications of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is monitoring of the human body for health concerns. For this purpose, a large number of small sensors are implanted in the human body. These sensors altogether provide a network of wireless sensors (WBANs) and monitor the vital signs and signals of the human body; these sensors will then(More)
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