Yasmine Kheira Redjel

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The title mononuclear Cu(II) complex, [Cu(C9H7O2)2(C12H8N2)], is comprised of a Cu(II) cation, two cinnamate (L (-)) ligands and a 1,10-phenanthroline (phen) ligand. The Cu(II) atom and phen ligand lie on a twofold rotation axis. The Cu(II) atom is coordinated by two O atoms from two carboxyl-ate groups of two (L (-)) ligands and two N atoms from one phen(More)
The title polymeric compound, [Cu2(C8H7O2)4] n , was synthesized by the reaction of copper acetate with aqueous phenyl-acetic acid. The unique Cu(II) atom is coordinated by five O atoms from the carboxyl-ate groups of phenyl-acetate ligands, and the strongly distorted octa-hedral coordination environment is completed by a Cu-Cu bond of 2.581 (2) Å, at whose(More)
The title compound, [Co2(C8H7O2)4(C7H10N2)2], crystallizes as a centrosymmetric dimer containing two Co(II) atoms bridged by four bidentate phenyl-acetate ligands in syn-syn bridging modes. Each Co(II) atom is five-coordinated by four O atoms from four different carboxyl-ate ligands and the ring N atom of a 4-(di-methyl-amino)-pyridine unit, generating a(More)
The principal building units in the crystal structure of ammonium aqua-bis(sulfato)-lanthanate(III) are slightly distorted SO4 tetra-hedra, LaO9 polyhedra in the form of distorted tricapped trigonal prisms, and NH4 (+) ions. The La(3+) cation is coordinated by eight O atoms from six different sulfate tetra-hedra, two of which are bidentate coordinating and(More)
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