Yasmine Boulfani-Cuisinaud

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In this paper, We propose an efficient compression method to encode the geometry of 3D mesh sequences of objects sharing the same con-nectivity. Our approach is based on the clustering of the input mesh geometry into groups of vertices following the same affine motion. The proposed algorithm uses a scan-based temporal wavelet filtering geometrically(More)
We present an efficient compression algorithm for sequences of triangular meshes with fixed connectivity. Our two main contributions in this paper are : a clustering technique which regroups the vertices following the same affine motion ; a geometry compensation technique based on the estimation of 3D motion parameters which are modeled by affine transform(More)
We introduce in this paper a new compression process to encode the geometry of 3D mesh sequences (with a fixed con-nectivity). The proposed method uses a scan-based wavelet transform with an original approach which consists to compensate the geometry displacements of the mesh sequence. The proposed coder is based on temporal lifting scheme and bit(More)
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