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OBJECTIVE Because having a regular medical doctor is associated with positive outcomes, this study attempted to determine the characteristics of Canadians without regular doctors so that alternative methods of delivering care to people with those characteristics can be studied. DESIGN Secondary data analysis of the National Population Health Survey using(More)
Prolonged breastfeeding has been reported to protect the child from grossly defective weaning foods used in most developing countries. Even grossly malnourished mothers have been known to produced enough milk to keep their children alive. Hytten and Thompson reported that there is no evidence that maternal nutrition affect lactation. This study(More)
The culdoscope was used for easy approach to the fallopian tube, which was delivered into the vagina, and a Foley catheter (No. 8 French) was introduced through its fimbrial end for collection of human tubal secretion. It was left from one to eight days. The technique was successful in 54 cases out of 60, but we succeeded in collecting enough fluid in 44(More)
A comparison of serum protein fractions (electrophoretic separation) between control and mild alloxan-diabetic rats examined 10 days after alloxan indicates a decrease in total protein, a decrease in percentage albumin accompanied by a decrease in A/G ratio. In severe diabetic rats examined 48 hours after the administration of alloxan, there were no changes(More)
Sodium-potassium adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) enzyme was determined in the brain tissue of 11 patients with head injury and 6 control patients. Patients with head injury included in this study were selected from two categories: (a) patients in deep coma due to severe head injury [Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)<8; 6 cases]; (b) patients with depressed skull(More)