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The Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center (PVAMC) participated in a research-based National Demonstration and Evaluation Study of Hospital at Home Care for Elderly Patients. PVAMC continued hospital at home care in a modified form based on the results of that research phase and feedback from patients, families, and staff. The modified clinical program(More)
Flexible manipulators based on soft robotic technologies demonstrate compliance and dexterous maneuverability with virtually infinite degrees-of-freedom. Such systems have great potential in assistive and surgical fields where safe human-robot interaction is a prime concern. However, in order to enable practical application in these environments,(More)
Large enterprises essentially require a reliable infrastructure that can store, retrieve and analyze the massive volumes of high dimensional data. Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) through Data Mining (DM) presents a powerful tool for storing and retrieving data in a manner that optimizes performance as well as resources. This work presents the(More)
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