Yasmin Ahamed

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BACKGROUND Inter-individual differences in cortical bone volumetric density (CoD), such as those related to sex, are a product of differences in remodelling rates. While cortical bone is often treated as a uniform tissue, remodelling rates also vary within individual bones. This level of adaptation has largely been overlooked in analyses of peripheral(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the accuracy of perceived postural limits between older fallers with good working memory and those with poor working memory. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Research laboratory. PARTICIPANTS Thirty-three community-dwelling older adults with a history of falls. INTERVENTIONS Not applicable. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES We(More)
T here is an increasing pressure to develop cost-effective strategies to mitigate persistently high levels of rehospital-ization and premature mortality associated with chronic heart disease. Beyond pharmacological agents and devices, disease management programs are integral to applying flexible, guideline-based management, coordinating care, and providing(More)
BACKGROUND Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is a prevalent chronic musculoskeletal condition with no cure. Pain is the primary symptom and results from a complex interaction between structural changes, physical impairments and psychological factors. Much evidence supports the use of strengthening exercises to improve pain and physical function in this patient(More)
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