Yasmilde Rodriguez Gonzalez

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Developmental and pathological death of neurons requires activation of a defined pathway of cell cycle proteins. However, it is unclear how this pathway is regulated and whether it is relevant in vivo. A screen for transcripts robustly induced in cultured neurons by DNA damage identified Sertad1, a Cdk4 (cyclin-dependent kinase 4) activator. Sertad1 is also(More)
DNA damage is an important initiator of neuronal apoptosis and activates signaling events not yet fully defined. Using the camptothecin-induced DNA damage model in neurons, we previously showed that cyclin D1-associated cell cycle cyclin-dependent kinases (Cdks) (Cdk4/6) and p53 activation are two major events leading to activation of the mitochondrial(More)
DNA damage is a critical component of neuronal death underlying neurodegenerative diseases and injury. Neuronal death evoked by DNA damage is characterized by inappropriate activation of multiple cell cycle components. However, the mechanism regulating this activation is not fully understood. We demonstrated previously that the cell division cycle (Cdc) 25A(More)
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