Yasmeen Saeed

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Recent studies have demonstrated the role of indirect effect of radiation in neurodegeneration. However, the role of glial cells in neuroprotection against indirect effect of radiation is still not clear, although they are known to protect neurons under stress conditions in central nervous system. Our study showed that indirect effect of radiation increased(More)
Platelets play a key role in initiation of atherosclerosis and formation of coronary thrombus in coronary artery diseases (CAD). Active platelets are large in size and have a higher potential thrombotic ability, evaluation of their volume indices as indicator of their activity could be useful in prediction and differentiation of coronary events. This study(More)
Microgravity severely halts the structural and functional cerebral capacity of astronauts especially affecting their brains due to the stress produced by cephalic fluid shift. We employed a rat tail suspension model to substantiate simulated microgravity (SM) in brain. In this study, comparative mass spectrometry was applied in order to demonstrate the(More)
Recent studies provide the evidence that indirect effects of radiation could lead to neuronal cells death but underlying mechanism is not completely understood. On the other hand astroglial cells are known to protect neuronal cells against stress conditions in vivo and invitro. Yet, the fate of neuronal cells and the neuroprotective effect of coculture(More)
Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the most common kidney cancer, accounting for approximately 80–90% of all primary kidney cancer. Treatment for patients with advanced RCC remains unsatisfactory. Rare cancer stem cells (CSCs) are proposed to be responsible for failure of current treatment. OncoLnc was used as a tool for interactively exploring survival(More)
The refrigeration (4, 8, 24, or 48 d), freezing (1, 7, or 30 h), thawing (25, 40, or 60°C), and usage of preservatives (sodium azide, potassium dichromate, sodium thiocyanate, bronopol, and methanol), of raw bovine milk were investigated for β-lactamase activity. The β-lactamase activity in all samples was assessed by using the test strips, and the samples(More)
In this study, we report the cellular uptake studies of novel LX loaded nanoliposomes in H2O2 stress SH-SY5Y Cells synthesized by thin film evaporation method. We have isolated the smallest size nanoliposomes after 90 min ultrasonification, keeping Polydisperse Index as 0.259. The morphology, size, zepta potential and drug efficiency of prepared(More)
Recent studies have evaluated the role of direct radiation exposure in neurodegenerative disorders; however, association among indirect effects of radiation and neurodegenerative diseases remains rarely discussed. The objective of this study was to estimate the relative risk of neurodegeneration due to direct and indirect effects of radiation. 60Co gamma(More)
Biological synthesis of nanoparticles is best way to avoid exposure of hazardous materials as compared to chemical manufacturing process which is a severe threat not only to biodiversity but also to environment. In present study, we reported a novel method of finding antiradiation compounds by bioreducing mechanism of silver nanoparticles formation using(More)
The study of the composition of microsome proteins/complexes/interactions in adipocytes provides useful information for researchers related to energy metabolism disorders. The native gel coupled with LC-ESI-QTOF approach was employed here for separating protein complexes. We found a series of proteins functionally clustered in biological processes of(More)
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