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—Managing privacy in mobile instant messaging is a challenge for designers and users alike. If too many options are provided, the privacy controls can become complex to understand and unwieldy to manipulate. Conversely, providing too few controls leaves users without the ability to adequately express their privacy preferences. Further complicating this, a(More)
Pre-eclampsia is the main cause of maternal and fetal death and disability worldwide. Its incidence in the Islamic Republic of Iran is 5%-12%. Air pollution has been reported to be one of the causative factors, and this case-control study determined its effect on pre-eclampsia in 195 pregnant women (65 with pre-eclampsia and 130 without) admitted to(More)
INTRODUCTION Severe acute pancreatitis (pancreatitis with local and systemic complications) remains a therapeutical problem. Even more complicated is ESAP (Early Severe Acute Pancreatitis), which presents itself as a fulminant form (FAP--fulminant acute pancreatitis) and subfulminant form (SFAP--subfulminant acute pancreatitis). Severity of acute(More)
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