Yasir Sultan

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To the Editor — Nitrogen, which is a key nutrient source for food, biomass, and fibre production in agriculture, is by far the most important element in fertilizers when judged in terms of the energy required for its synthesis, tonnage used and monetary value. However, compared with amounts of nitrogen applied to soil, the nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) by(More)
Advances in many aptamer-based applications will require a better understanding of how an aptamer's molecular recognition ability is affected by its incorporation into a suitable matrix. In this study, we investigated whether a model aptamer system, the sulforhodamine B aptamer, would retain its binding ability while embedded in a multilayer polyelectrolyte(More)
Polyelectrolyte microcapsules have great potential for serving as carriers for the delivery of their contents when triggered by an external stimulus. Aptamers are synthetic ssDNA or RNA that can bind to specific targets with high affinity and selectivity. Aptamers may retain these superior molecular recognition properties after encapsulation within polymer(More)
Aptamer-polyelectrolyte microcapsules are prepared for potential use as triggered delivery vehicles and microreactors. The hollow microcapsules are prepared from the sulforhodamine B aptamer and the polyelectrolytes poly(allylamine hydrochloride) and poly(sodium 4-styrene-sulfonate), using layer-by-layer (LbL) film deposition templated on a sacrificial(More)
The luminescent cyclometalated iridium complex [Ir(fppy)(2)(t-Bu-iCN)(2)]CF(3)SO(3), 1 (fppy = 4-(2-pyridyl)benzaldehyde, and t-Bu-iCN = tert-butyl isocyanide), was synthesized and characterized by X-ray crystallography and (1)H NMR, absorption, and emission spectroscopies. Complex 1 was quantitatively bound to the water-soluble amine-functionalized polymer(More)
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