Yasir Mehmood Malik

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Medical images are commonly stored in digital media and transmitted via Internet for certain uses. If a medical information image alters, this can lead to a wrong diagnosis which may create a serious health problem. Moreover, medical images in digital form can easily be modified by wiping off or adding small pieces of information intentionally for certain(More)
Onset of epilepsy can occur at any age, but it is relatively rare in the elderly. Late onset epilepsy is usually secondary to stroke, tumour, trauma or neurodegenerative disorders. A 62-year-old Indian woman presented with frequent drop attacks sometimes leading to unconsciousness and, rarely, associated with seizure. Her epilepsy work up was unremarkable.(More)
A middle aged diabetic, hypertensive, dyslipidemic, heavy alcohol consumer man came with sudden onset upper back pain and quadriparesis. Examination showed upper motor type quadriparesis with sensation of pain loss up to level of C7 and totally spared proprioception. MRI spine showed features suggestive of anterior spinal artery stroke. Can atherosclerosis(More)
Involuntary movement disorders are not a common presentation of basal ganglia ischemia which may be induced by cerebral hemodynamic insufficiency. In secondary causes of movements disorders cerebrovascular diseases represent up to 22% and involuntary movements develop after 1-4% of strokes. We describe a case of a middle-aged woman who presented with(More)
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