Yasinalli Tamboli

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A series of furazan and furoxan sulfonamides were prepared and studied for their ability to inhibit human carbonic anhydrase (CA, EC isoforms hCA I, hCA II, hCA IX, and hCA XII. The simple methyl substituted products 3-5 were potent inhibitors. Differing structural modifications of these leads had differing effects on potency and selectivity. In(More)
The development of isoform selective inhibitors of the carbonic anhydrase (CA; EC enzymes represents the key approach for the successful development of druggable small molecules. Herein we report a series of new benzenesulfamide derivatives (-NH-SO₂NH₂) bearing the 1-benzhydrylpiperazine tail and connected by means of a β-alanyl or nipecotyl(More)
A series of flavanone derivatives have been synthesized from 2-hydroxy acetophenone and benzaldehyde using fused calcium chloride in good to moderate yields, and their in vitro aldose reductase inhibitory activity has been tested on aldose reductase purified enzyme from Bovine lens. Most of the synthesized compounds exhibited potent aldose reductase(More)
We describe a new class of NO-donor hypoglycemic products obtained by joining tolbutamide, a typical hypoglycemic sulfonylurea, with a NO-donor moiety through a hard link. As NO-donors we chose either furoxan (1,2,5-oxadiazole 2-oxide) derivatives or the classical nitrooxy function. A preliminary biological characterization of these compounds, including(More)
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