Yasin Mamatjan

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An automated test system and procedure is proposed, designed to enable systematic testing of electrical impedance tomography (EIT) devices. The system is designed to calculate reliable, repeatable and accurate performance figures of merit of an EIT system using a saline phantom and an industrial robot arm. Applications of the test system are to compare EIT(More)
Several noninvasive modalities including electrical impedance tomography (EIT), magnetic induction tomography (MIT), and induced-current EIT (ICEIT) have been developed for imaging the electrical conductivity distribution within a human body. Although these modalities differ in how the excitation and detection circuitry (electrodes or coils) are(More)
Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is a noninvasive method to image conductivity distributions within a body. One promising application of EIT is to monitor ventilation in patients as a real-time bedside tool. Thus, it is essential that an EIT system reliably provide meaningful information, or alert clinicians when this is impossible. Because the(More)
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