Yasin Jeshima Khan

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BACKGROUND Oilseed Brassica represents an important group of oilseed crops with a long history of evolution and cultivation. To understand the origin and evolution of Brassica amphidiploids, simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers were used to unravel genetic variations in three diploids and three amphidiploid Brassica species of U's triangle along with Eruca(More)
Brassica rapa (2n = 20, AA genome) is an important oil yielding species of the family Brassicaceae and characterized by wide range of genetic and morphological subtypes suitable for cultivation under diverse agro-climatic regions of India. In this study, genetic diversity among three subspecies of B. rapa including yellow sarson, toria and outlier brown(More)
Genetic engineering technique offers myriads of applications in improvement of horticultural crops for biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, and produce quality enhancement. During last two decades, a large number of transgenic horticultural crops has been developed and more are underway. A number of genes including natural and synthetic Cry genes, protease(More)
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