Yasin Gocgun

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Beam search (BS) is used as a heuristic to solve various combinatorial optimization problems, ranging from scheduling to assembly line balancing. In this paper, we develop a backtracking and an exchange-of-information (EOI) procedure to enhance the traditional beam search method. The backtracking enables us to return to previous solution states in the(More)
We define a class of discrete-time resource allocation problems where multiple renewable resources must be dynamically allocated to different types of jobs arriving randomly. Jobs have geometric service durations, demand resources, incur a holding cost while waiting in queue, a penalty cost of rejection when the queue is filled to capacity, and generate a(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop a mathematical model for multi-category patient scheduling decisions in computed tomography (CT), and to investigate associated tradeoffs from economic and operational perspectives. METHODS We modeled this decision-problem as a finite-horizon Markov decision process (MDP) with expected net CT revenue as the performance metric. The(More)
Diverse applications in manufacturing, logistics, health care, telecommunications, and computing require that renewable resources be dynamically scheduled to handle distinct classes of job service requests arriving randomly over slotted time. These dynamic stochastic resource scheduling problems are analytically and computationally intractable even when the(More)
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