Yashwant Prasad Singh

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The paper presents a Multi-class Support Vector Machine classifier and its application to hypothyroid detection and classification. Support Vector Machines (SVM) have been well known method in the machine learning community for binary classification problems. Multi-class SVMs (MCSVM) are usually implemented by combining several binary SVMs. The objective of(More)
A new efficient computational technique for training of multilayer feedforward neural networks is proposed. The proposed algorithm consists two learning phases. The first phase is a local search which implements gradient descent, and the second phase is a direct search scheme which implements dynamic tunneling in weight space avoiding the local trap thereby(More)
This paper presents the cybercrime detection model by using support vector machines (SVMs) to classify social network (Facebook) dataset. We try to compare between three kinds of classification algorithms such as: SVMs, AdaBoostM1, and NaiveBayes in order to find a high percentage of classification accuracy. Finally, we conclude SVMs as the best(More)
INTRODUCTION Tuberculosis of the flat bones is rare and only a small percentage involves the scapular bone. CASE PRESENTATION We report a rare case of tuberculosis of the scapula in a 14-year-old. Diagnostic clues include lytic areas with low density seen in the body of the scapula involving a glenoid margin associated with typical clinical features.(More)
Identity recognition faces several challenges especially in extracting an individual's unique features from biometric modalities and pattern classifications. Electrocardiogram (ECG) waveforms, for instance, have unique identity properties for human recognition, and their signals are not periodic. At present, in order to generate a significant ECG feature(More)
INTRODUCTION Total knee arthroplasty is a well-established procedure with gratifying results. There is no consensus in the literature whether to routinely resurface the patella while performing total knee arthroplasty or not. Although an extremely rare occurrence in clinical practice, patellar prosthesis dislocation is a possible complication resulting from(More)
Melastoma malabathricum Linn (MM) has high valued for its commercial significance. Indian market (northeast) has great demand for the plants, which extended, its use as a traditional home remedy due to its anti-inflammatory effects. In this study, we scrutinize the therapeutic and protective effect of MM against diethylnitrosamine (DEN) and ferric(More)