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Author Masking through Translation
This notebook paper documents the approach adopted by the team for Author Masking Task in PAN 2016, which uses a simple translation based approach for obfuscating the identity of author of the text. Expand
A Stitch in Time Saves Nine - SPARQL querying of Property Graphs using Gremlin Traversals
Gremlinator translates SPARQL queries to Gremlin traversals for executing graph pattern matching queries over graph databases, allowing to access and query a wide variety of Graph Data Management Systems using the W3C standardized SParQL query language and avoid the learning curve of a new Graph Query Language. Expand
Trying Not to Die Benchmarking: Orchestrating RDF and Graph Data Management Solution Benchmarks Using LITMUS
The first working prototype of, LITMUS is introduced which provides this functionality as well as fine-grained environment configuration options, a comprehensive set of DMS and CPU-specific key performance indicators and a quick analytical support via custom visualization (i.e. plots) for the benchmarked DMSs. Expand
Let's HPC: A web-based platform to aid parallel, distributed and high performance computing education
The background and motivation behind the Let’s HPC project, the design philosophy of the platform, the present capabilities of theplatform, as well as the plans for future developments are summarized. Expand
The LITMUS Test : Benchmarking RDF and Graph Data Management Systems
In this paper we demonstrate the working of proposed LITMUS benchmark suite. Benchmarking is an extremely tedious task demanding repetitive manual effort, therefore it is advantageous to automate theExpand
Let's HPC: A web-based interactive platform to aid High Performance Computing education
Let's HPC is an open-access online platform to supplement conventional classroom oriented High Performance Computing (HPC) and Parallel & Distributed Computing (PDC) education which provides online plotting and analysis tools which allow users to learn, evaluate, teach and see the performance of parallel algorithms from a system's viewpoint. Expand