Yashas N. Gowda

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Glutamine is one of the most abundant metabolites in blood and is a precursor as well as end product central to numerous important metabolic pathways. A number of surprising and unexpected roles for glutamine, including cancer cell glutamine addiction discovered recently, stress the importance of accurate analysis of glutamine concentrations for(More)
A current challenge in metabolomics is the reliable quantitation of many metabolites. Limited resolution and sensitivity combined with the challenges associated with unknown metabolite identification have restricted both the number and the quantitative accuracy of blood metabolites. Focused on alleviating this bottleneck in NMR-based metabolomics,(More)
For mass-limited samples, the residual sample volume outside the detection coil is an important concern, as is good base line resolution. Here, we present the construction and evaluation of magnetic susceptibility-matched plugs for microcoil NMR sample cells which address these issues. Mixed-epoxy glue and ultem tube plugs that have susceptibility values(More)
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