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Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip (MPSoC) are becoming the standard high performance Digital Signal Processing (DSP) systems. Hardware complexity abstraction is needed to enable efficient MPSoC programming. A major challenge of MPSoC programming is efficiently handling the combination of new features necessary in a MPSoC operating system: load balancing and(More)
This paper introduces a novel multicore scheduling method that leverages a parameterized dataflow Model of Computation (MoC). This method, which we have named Just-In-Time Multicore Scheduling (JIT-MS), aims to efficiently schedule Parameterized and Interfaced Synchronous DataFlow (PiSDF) graphs on multicore architectures. This method exploits features of(More)
In this demo we will present a design flow for multi-core based embedded systems. Namely, we implement a kernel capable of modifying the system at run time to increase data throughput. The design flow starts with the Dynamic Dataflow and RVC-CAL (Reconfigurable Video Coding Cal Actor Language) descriptions of an application and goes up to the deployment of(More)
This paper presents the implementation of a video decoding application starting from its dataflow and CAL representations. Our objective is to demonstrate the ability of the Open RVC-CAL Compiler (Orcc) to generate code for embedded systems. For the demonstration, the video application will be an MPEG-4 Part2 decoder. The targeted architecture is a(More)
This paper considers the design of partially reconfigurable WiMAX 802.16m mobile terminals that use Adaptive Coding and Modulation techniques to enhance the Quality Of Service. Non-binary LDPC codes (with three different coding rates) and three different modulation schemes are considered. As this kind of design requires a huge amount of time and resources(More)
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