Yaser Keneshloo

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Forecasting a domestic political crisis (DPC) in a country of interest is a very useful tool for social scientists and policy makers. A wealth of event data is now available for historical as well as prospective analysis. Using the publicly available GDELT dataset, we illustrate the use of frequent subgraph mining to identify signatures preceding DPCs, and(More)
Consuming news articles is an integral part of our daily lives and news agencies such as The Washington Post (WP) expend tremendous effort in providing high quality reading experiences for their readers. Journalists and editors are faced with the task of determining which articles will become popular so that they can efficiently allocate resources to(More)
Predicting the popularity of news articles — whether measured via retweets, clicks, or views — is an important problem for editors, journalists, and readers alike. In this paper, we introduce a new model to predict the shape of news article views, and use this model to determine when an article will likely reach its maximum number of views.(More)
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