Yasemin Kulak Ozkan

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Oral hygiene practices and denture status of elderly people living in residential homes are different depending on the type of residential homes. In this study the elderly people living in three different residential homes were investigated for this purpose. A total of 269 subjects, 119 males (mean age 73.9±8.8) and 150 females (mean age 78.5±7.2) were(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated. the effect of mouthrinses and tissue conditioner on the clinical findings and microbial flora of 60 patients with Newton's type II denture stomatitis (N2DS) BACKGROUND: Denture stomatitis is a common problem in complete denture wearers. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty patients with N2DS were included in this study and divided(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the ability of three alkaline peroxide-type (Polident, Efferdent, Fittydent) and two mouth rinse cleaning agents (CloSYSII and Corsodyl) to inhibit Candida albicans on acrylic denture base resin. BACKGROUND Appropriate routine cleaning of dentures is necessary to prevent denture stomatitis and maintenance of healthy supporting(More)
Esthetic reconstruction of severe soft and hard tissue deficiencies is the utmost challenge in implant dentistry. To prevent postoperative bone resorption and to control the amount of hard and soft tissue volume, distraction osteogenesis followed by immediate implant placement has been proven to be a promising combined technique. The aim of this report is(More)
Acetal resins have been used as an alternative denture base and clasp material recently. The aim of this study was to compare water sorption and water solubility of pink and white acetal resins as compared to a heat-polymerized polymethyl methacrylate resin (PMMA). The tests were performed in accordance with International Standards Organization(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the effect of different attachment systems with implant-retained overdentures on maximum bite force and muscle activity using electromyography (EMG). BACKGROUND Denture retention and stability is of considerable interest in prosthetic dentistry. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-five patients were examined: 15 edentulous patients treated(More)
All dentists who have worked with complete denture wearers know that patient satisfaction is not based only on the technical quality of the dentures. The aim of this study was at assessing the effect of gender, the number of the dentures used before, the length of time of denture usage, education and age on the satisfaction of the complete denture wearers.(More)
BACKGROUND  Denture adhesives increase the retention and stability of dentures in edentulous patients, especially in cases where salivary flow is impaired or in the management of traumatised oral mucosa. OBJECTIVES The effect of a denture adhesive on the oral flora at different time intervals. METHOD Thirty denture-wearing patients were involved in this(More)
PURPOSE Acetal resin has been used as an alternative denture base and clasp material since 1986. The manufacturers claim that acetal resin has superior physical properties when compared to conventional denture base acrylic resins. Limited information is available about transverse strengths of acetal resin. The purpose of this investigation was to compare(More)
PURPOSE To determine the change in stability of three different implant systems using resonance frequency analysis (RFA) and to correlate RFA measurements with factors related to implant design, length, and diameter, patient gender, and dental arch. Clinical and radiologic evaluations were performed up to 1 year after loading. MATERIALS AND METHODS Three(More)