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Fingerprint recognition is an important security technique with a steadily growing usage for the identification and verification of individuals. However, current fingerprint acquisition systems have certain disadvantages, which include the requirements of physical contact with the acquisition device, and the presence of undesirable artefacts, such as scars,(More)
Signatures are one of the behavioural biometric traits, which are widely used as a means of personal verification. Therefore, they require efficient and accurate methods of authenticating users. The use of a single distance-based classification technique normally results in a lower accuracy compared to supervised learning techniques. This paper investigates(More)
Although handwritten signature verification has been extensively researched, it has not achieved optimum accuracy rate yet. Therefore, efficient and accurate signature verification techniques are required since signatures are still widely used as a means of personal verification. This paper presents an alternative efficient classification technique to(More)
Fingerprint recognition systems have important applications for privacy and security. This has led to more studies and technologies that improve on the security and accuracy of fingerprint identification and verification systems. Such improvements and studies involve the application of threedimensional (3D) fingerprint systems, where the details of the(More)
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