Yasar Polatoglu

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Let A be the class of functions f(z) of the form f(z) = z+a2z + · · · which are analytic in the open unit disc U = {z ∈ C||z| < 1}. In 1959 [5], K. Sakaguchi has considered the subclass of A consisting of those f(z) which satisfy Re ( zf ′(z) f(z)−f(−z) ) > 0, where z ∈ U. We call such a functions “Sakaguchi Functions”. Various authors have investigated(More)
We will give the relation between the class of Janowski starlike functions of complex order and the class of Janowski convex functions of complex order. As a corollary of this relation, we obtain the radius of starlikeness for the class of Janowski convex functions of complex order. 1. Introduction. Let F be the class of analytic functions in D = {z | |z| <(More)
The projection on the base plane of a regular minimal surface S in R with isothermal parameters defines a complex-valued univalent harmonic function f = h(z) + g(z). The aim of this paper is to obtain the distortion inequalities for the Weierstrass-Enneper parameters of the minimal surface for the harmonic multivalent functions for which analytic part is an(More)