Yasar Levent Koçaga

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In a call center, staffing decisions must be made before the call arrival rate is known with certainty. Once the arrival rate becomes known, the call center may be over-staffed, in which case staff are being paid to be idle, or under-staffed, in which case many callers hang-up in the face of long wait times. Firms that have chosen to keep their call center(More)
SPARE PARTS INVENTORY MANAGEMENT WITH DELIVERY LEAD TIMES AND RATIONING Yaşar Levent Koçağa M.S. in Industrial Engineering Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Alper Şen May, 2004 We study the spare parts service system of a major semiconductor equipment manufacturer facing two kinds of orders of different criticality. The more critical down orders need to be(More)
In this paper, we study the dynamic pricing problem of a multi-server facility that processes requests from several customer classes on a first come first served basis. We assume an arrival belongs to one of a finite number of customer classes and that each class is distinguished by known and arbitrary service valuations and arbitrary but non-decreasing(More)
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