Yasar Kemal Alp

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Localization of the sources of Event Related Potentials (ERP) is a challenging inverse problem, especially to resolve sources of neural activity occurring simultaneously. By using an effective dipole source model, we propose a new technique for accurate source localization of ERP signals. The parameters of the dipole ERP sources are optimally chosen by(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Since Hermite–Gaussian (HG) functions provide an orthonormal basis with the most compact time– frequency supports (TFSs), they are ideally suited for time–frequency component analysis of finite energy signals. For a signal component whose TFS tightly fits into a circular region around the origin, HG function expansion(More)
Different beam patterns can be generated by imposing different weights and phases to the elements of a phased array. Wide beam patterns are essential for many applications from various fields such as military and telecommunications. In this work, we propose two different approaches for generating wide beam patterns having high power levels. In the first(More)
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