Yary Volpe

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Minimization techniques are commonly adopted methodologies for retrieving a 3D surface starting from its shaded representation (image), i.e. for solving the widely known shape from shading (SFS) problem. Unfortunately, depending on the imaged object to be reconstructed, retrieved surfaces often results to be completely different from the expected ones. In(More)
Design of products characterized by high stylistic content and organic shapes in the form of bas-relief (e.g. fashion accessories, commemorative plaques and coins) is traditionally performed starting from handmade drawings or photographs that are manually reproduced by highly skilled craftsmen such as sculptors and engravers and finally digitized by means(More)
Three-dimensional CAD models are usually used by designers because of their multiple uses (visualization, simulation, machining). However, nowadays, multi orthographic view engineering drawings are still widely used. Accordingly, a conversion tool for obtaining 3D CAD models from 2D drawings (known as the ”reconstruction problem”) is a very useful approach(More)