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The visualization of complex network traffic involving a large number of communication devices is a common yet challenging task. Traditional layout methods create the network graph with overwhelming visual clutter, which hinders the network understanding and traffic analysis tasks. The existing graph simplification algorithms (e.g. community-based(More)
To overcome the shortcomings of the traditional methods, this paper proposes a novel face recognition method based on the image latent semantic features and ensemble extreme learning machine. The image latent semantic analysis is to acquire the high-level features from the face image, which has good robustness to illumination and expression changes. The(More)
Extreme learning machine (ELM) randomly generates parameters of hidden nodes and then analytically determines the output weights with fast learning speed. The ill-posed problem of parameter matrix of hidden nodes directly causes unstable performance, and the automatical selection problem of the hidden nodes is critical to holding the high efficiency of ELM.(More)
In face recognition, LBP (Local Binary Patterns) is a very popular method, which can solve the defects of the traditional local feature extraction methods with fixed scale and small extraction scale. However, the LBP operator only describes the relationship between the center pixel and its neighborhood pixels, it ignores the relationship among the(More)