Yaroslav Zems

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A new highly soluble platinum porphyrin derivative 10 with suppressed photobleaching is prepared on a multigram scale from inexpensive starting materials. 10 possesses intense absorption bands at λ = 463 nm (log ε = 5.39) and 633 nm (log ε = 5.20) with near-IR emission at 755 nm. Efficient NIR phosphorescence (PLQY = 0.45) and a large Stokes shift(More)
A comprehensive investigation of the complementary H-bonding-mediated self-assembly between dipyrrolo[2,3-b:3',2'-e]pyridine (P2P) electron donors and naphthalenediimide/perylenediimide (NDI/PDI) acceptors is reported. The synthesis of parent P2P and several aryl-substituted derivatives is described, along with their optical, redox, and single-crystal(More)
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