Yaroslav Mukhin

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It has been demonstrated recently that direct treatment of relatively smooth surfaces by non-thermal dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) in air is highly effective in killing bacteria and fungi. The key aspect of the direct treatment was shown to be contact with electrical charges. These results hold significant promise for medical applications of direct DBD(More)
A binary vertex coloring (labeling) f : V (G) → Z2 of a graph G is said to be friendly if the number of vertices labeled 0 is almost the same as the number of vertices labeled 1. This friendly labeling induces an edge labeling f∗ : E(G) → Z2 defined by f∗(uv) = f(u)f(v) for all uv ∈ E(G). Let ef (i) = |{uv ∈ E(G) : f∗(uv) = i}| be the number of edges of G(More)
We propose a local measure of the relationship between parameter estimates and the moments of the data they depend on. Our measure can be computed at negligible cost even for complex structural models. We argue that reporting this measure can increase the transparency of structural estimates, making it easier for readers to predict the way violations of(More)
D. Acpsta, ' M. Athanas, ' G. Masek, ' H. Paar, ' A. Bean, J. Grpnberg, R. Kutschke, S. Menary, R. J. Morrison, S. Nakanishi, H. N. Nelson, T. K. Nelson, J. D. Richman, A. Ryd, H. Tajima, D. Schmidt, D. Sperka, M. S. Witherell, M. Prpcarip, S. Yang, R. Balest, K. Cho, M. Daoudi, W. T. Ford, D. R. Johnson, K. Lingel, M. Lohner, P. Rankin, J. G. Smith, J. P.(More)
We report new measurements of the diierential and total branching ratios for inclusive B decay to D 0 , D + and D + and the rst measurement of the same quantities for inclusive B decay to D 0. Here B is the mixture of B d and Bu from (4S) decay. Furthermore, since more than one charm particle (or antiparticle) of the same kind can be produced in B decay,(More)
We have made a first measurement of the lepton momentum spectrum in a sample of events enriched in neutral B’s through a partial reconstruction of B0 → D∗−`+ν. This spectrum, measured with 2.38 fb−1 of data collected at the Υ(4S) resonance by the CLEO II detector, is compared directly to the inclusive lepton spectrum from all Υ(4S) events in the same data(More)
The branching fractions for !ee , , and hh are measured using data collected with the CLEO detector at the CESR, where the rst error is statistical, the second systematic, and h refers to either a charged or K. Also measured is the tau mass, m =(1778.21.4) MeV. Lepton universality is af-rmed by the relative branching fractions (B /B e =0.97770.00630.0087, B(More)