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Transition Metal-like Oxidative Addition of C–F and C–O Bonds to an Aluminum(I) Center
Oxidative addition of very robust C–F and C–O bonds has been accomplished in reactions of the aluminum(I) compound NacNacAl (1, NacNac = [ArNC(Me)CHC(Me)NAr]− and Ar = 2,6-Pri2C6H3) withExpand
Oxidative Addition of Disulfides, Alkyl Sulfides, and Diphosphides to an Aluminum(I) Center.
The aluminum(I) compound NacNacAl (1) reacts with diphenyl disulfide and diethyl sulfide to form the respective four-coordinate bis(phenyl sulfide) complex NacNacAl(SPh)2 (2) and alkyl thiolateExpand
Synthesis of PDE IVb inhibitors. 1. Asymmetric synthesis and stereochemical assignment of (+)- and (-)-7-[3-(cyclopentyloxy)-4-methoxyphenyl]hexahydro-3H-pyrrolizin-3-one.
Asymmetric synthesis of GlaxoSmithKline's highly potent phosphodiesterase inhibitor 1 has been accomplished in nine steps and 16% overall yield. The original strategy suggested involves as a key stepExpand
Synthesis of PDE IVb Inhibitors. 3. Synthesis of (+)-, (-)-, and (±)-7-[3-(cyclopentyloxy)-4-methoxyphenyl]hexahydro-3H-pyrrolizin-3-one via reductive domino transformations of
Simple three-step asymmetric and racemic syntheses of GlaxoSmithKline's highly potent PDE IVb inhibitor 1 were developed. The suggested approach is based on reductive domino transformations ofExpand
Conjugated nitrosoalkenes as Michael acceptors in carbon–carbon bond forming reactions: a review and perspective
Despite of their chemical instability and high reactivity, conjugated nitrosoalkenes are useful intermediates in target-oriented organic synthesis. The present review deals with carbon–carbon bondExpand
Synthesis, structure and dioxygen reactivity of Ni (II) complexes with mono-, bis-, tetra-and hexa-oxime ligands
Four nickel complexes with β-(oximinoalkyl)amine ligands OxnHn containing one (Ox1H1), two (Ox2H2), four (Ox4H4) and six (Ox6H6) oxime groups were synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis,Expand
Advances in the synthesis of 7-(3-cyclopentyloxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-hexahydro-3H-pyrrolizin-3-one (Pyrromilast)–a promising agent for treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
The review summarizes the known approaches to diastereo- and enantioselective synthesis of 7-(3-cyclopentyloxy-4-methoxyphenyl)hexahydro-3H-pyrrolizin-3-one (Pyrromilast), a highly active inhibitorExpand
The Total Synthesis of Isomalabaricane Triterpenoids.
The first total syntheses of (±)-rhabdastrellic acid A and (±)-stelletin E, highly cytotoxic isomalabaricane triterpenoids, have been accomplished in a linear sequence of 14 steps from commercialExpand
Synthetic Studies on Selective, Proapoptotic Isomalabaricane Triterpenoids Aided by Computational Techniques.
The isomalabaricanes comprise a large family of marine triterpenoids with fascinating structures that have been shown to be selective and potent apoptosis inducers in certain cancer cell lines. InExpand
Total Synthesis of Stelletins through an Unconventional Annulation Strategy.
ConspectusMarine ecosystems present the largest source of biodiversity on the planet and an immense reservoir of novel chemical entities. Sessile marine organisms such as sponges produce a wide rangeExpand