Yaron Diamant

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An image acquired through a glass window is a super-position of two sources: a scene behind the window, and a reflection of a scene in front of the window. Light rays incident on the window are reflected back and forth inside the glass. Such internal reflections affect the radiance of both sources: a spatial effect is created of dimmed and shifted(More)
Reference [1] approximates the imaging model as orthographic. This report describes a consequence of perspective, when compared to the orthographic approximation. Slight misalignments are created between the true visual reverberations, and the shifts of the δ functions used in the recovery filters of Ref. [1]. The result is that reconstruction of Lr as(More)
We present linear arid nonlinear optical characteristics as well as electrical properties of photonic crystals and their inverse structures, which are made of conductive polymers imbedded with single wall carbon nanotubes.
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