Yarom Gabay

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This paper formally defines the operational semantic for TRAFFIC, a specification language for flow composition applications proposed in [3], and presents a type system based on desired safety assurance. We provide proofs on reduction (weak-confluence, strong-normalization and unique normal form), on soundness and completeness of type system with respect to(More)
We present a type inference algorithm, in the style of compositional analysis, for the language TRAFFIC—a specification language for flow composition applications proposed in [2]—and prove that this algorithm is correct: the typings it infers are principal typings, and the typings agree with syntax-directed type checking on closed flow specifications. This(More)
We present a scalable, hierarchical control system for the dynamic resource management of a distributed real-time embedded (DRE) system. This DRE is inspired by the DARPA Adaptive and Reflective Middleware Systems (ARMS) program. The goal of the control system is to simultaneously manage multiple resources and QoS concerns using a utility-driven approach(More)
When analysing the behavior of complex networked systems, it is often the case that some components within that network are only known to the extent that they belong to one of a set of possible " implementations " – e.g., versions of a specific protocol, class of schedulers, etc. In this report we augment the specification language considered in BUCS-, to(More)
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