Yara Radwan

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Two hundred eighteen genital tracts of slaughtered female camels were collected and examined. Infundibular cysts were observed in 35 tracts (16%); these were either unilateral (22 cases) or bilateral (13 cases) all containing fluids of different consistencies. The morphological and histological structures of the cysts were recorded. The bacteriological(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore whether initiatives to promote fruit and vegetables in primary schools are associated with changes in children's diet. DESIGN Cross-sectional dietary survey. Main outcome measures were intakes of fruit, vegetables and key nutrients; and a score for initiatives promoting fruit and vegetables in school. SETTING One hundred and(More)
In three groups of rats, lesions were produced in the right lingual nerves near the base of the tongue; the three types of injury inflicted (cryogenic, crush, and stretch) are reputed to spare the epineurium but produce different degrees of intraneural damage. In regular assessments of recovery, an electrical stimulus (sufficient to elicit the jaw-opening(More)
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