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The shift of polarization orientation angleΨ at the maximum of co-polarized or cross-polarized back-scattering signature can be used to estimate the surface slopes. It has been utilized to generate the digital elevation mapping (DEM) and terrain topography using two-pass fully polarimetric SAR or interferometric SAR (INSAR) image data. This paper presents(More)
The increasing sophistication of optoelectronic devices requires molecular-level dimensional control in the fabrication of multilayered structures with specifically engineered interfaces. However, the effectiveness of growth and doping strategies devised to achieve the desired device structures often remains unverified due to the lack of adequate(More)
Up to now, the analysis of organic or biological samples was mainly investigated using static SIMS, while dynamic SIMS was generally limited to the analysis of inorganic samples. The increasing sophistication of organic optoelectronic devices (e.g. organic light emitting diodes and organic photovoltaic cells, etc.) requires molecular-level dimensional(More)
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