Yaqi Ren

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Electrochemical performance and production cost are the main concerns for the practical application of supercapacitors. Here we report a simple and universally applicable method to prepare hybrid metal oxides by metal redox reaction utilizing the inherent reducibility of metals and oxidbility of for the first time. As an example, Ni(OH)2/MnO2 hybrid(More)
The effect of the average R-site ionic radius IR and variance on the orbital and magnetic order in R3+-doped YVO3 was studied in Y1-xLaxVO3 and Y1-x(La0.2337Lu0.7663)xVO3 with fixed IR. The orbital flipping temperature T{CG} increases nonlinearly with increasing R-site variance, indicating that the V-O-V bond angle is not the primary driving force(More)
Changes in pressure and magnetic field in the orbital and magnetic ordering temperatures of RVO3 perovskites are reported; they reveal a competition between two magnetic orbitally ordered phases that have opposite preferences for the e-orbital component in the localized {3}T{1g} ground state of the V(3+) ion. This competition is shown to be biased by the(More)
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