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In order to reduce the difficulty of applying ZigBee technology to wireless sensor network system, this paper introduces a serial transparent transmission system based on ZigBee protocol, and gives a method of detecting nodes voltage. Using this method can flexibly grasp the electrical quantities of terminal node power supply equipment in network. This(More)
In this paper, the nonlinear system whose coefficient satisfies the one-sided polynomial growth condition and the local Lipschitz condition under Markov switching is studied. If appropriate intensity of the Brownian noises is used to perturb the deterministic system, then the unstable system can be suppressed and stabilized.
The spectral moments are the important algebraic invariants of graphs. In this paper, on the basis of definitions of tricyclic graphs, base and the sequence of spectral moments, respectively, we study tricyclic graphs with given bases on the lexicographical order of the spectral moments sequence, and find the last and the first graphs. The results is very(More)
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