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In this paper, we present an integrated wind-erosion modelling system which couples a physically based wind-erosion scheme, a high-resolution atmospheric model and a dust-transport model with a geographic information database. This system can be used to determine the pattern and intensity of wind erosion, in particular, dust emission from the surface and(More)
[1] This study is concerned with the quantitative prediction of dust storms in real time. An integrated wind erosion modeling system is used for 24-, 48-, and 72-hour forecasts of northeast Asian dust events for March and April 2002. The predictions are validated with synoptic records from the meteorological network and dust concentration measurements at 12(More)
In this study, we propose a Lagrangian model for the simulation of traffic flow on a complex road network. This simple approach is quite efficient if adequate road network data are available and statistical constraints are applied to confine the model behavior. We have established a traffic information database for Hong Kong Island and applied the model for(More)
In the Soil Moisture Simulation Workshop, a number of numerical experiments was conducted with fourteen representative schemes and the results compared with HAPEX-MOBILHY data. This paper documents the general outcomes of the workshop, and provides the background information for the other papers presented in this special issue, which deal with more specific(More)
Ž . A new land surface parameterization scheme ALSIS , with emphasis on soil moisture prediction, is described and validated with observations from HAPEX-MOBILHY and Cabauw. An important feature of the scheme is the inclusion of vertical heterogeneity of soil hydraulic parameters is modelling unsaturated flow. The simulated soil moisture for HAPEX site(More)
The resuspension of road dust from street surfaces could be a big contributor to atmospheric particulate pollution in the rapid urbanization context in the world. However, to date what its potential contribution to the spatial pattern is little known. Here we developed an innovative index model called the road dust index (RI<105μm) and it combines source(More)
Modelling solute transport in an unsaturated zone (vadose) depends very much on the simulation of soil moisture and moisture fluxes, which are strongly influenced by precipitation, evapotranspiration, surface runoff and land-surface properties. To provide good approximations of soil moisture and moisture fluxes, a model capable of simulating land-surface(More)
Ž . Sixteen land-surface schemes participating in the Project for the Intercomparison of Land-surface Schemes PILPS Ž . Ž . Phase 2 c were run using 10 years 1979–1988 of forcing data for the Red–Arkansas River basins in the Southern Great Ž . Plains region of the United States. Forcing data precipitation, incoming radiation and surface meteorology and(More)