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BACKGROUND The upgrading of rapeseed cultivars has resulted in a substantial improvement in yield and quality in China over the past 30 years. With the selective pressure against fatty acid composition and oil content, high erucic acid- and low oil-content cultivars have been replaced by low erucic acid- and high oil-content cultivars. The high erucic acid(More)
In this communication, we molecularly engineered a light-switching excimer oligonucleotide-based probe for time-resolved fluorescent detection of Hg(2+). By combining a time-resolved fluorescence technique and magnetic nanoparticles, Hg(2+) spiked in human urine was detected.
In this paper, we propose SS-MAP, a scalable and Sybil-proof locator/ID mapping scheme for the future Internet. SS-MAP uses a near-optimal distributed hash table (DHT) to map identifiers onto locators in one hop with reasonable maintenance overhead, which are O(log n) hops in regular DHT-based mechanisms (n is the number of mapping servers). This is the(More)
Pyrene-conjugated compounds are detected by label-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (LA-LDI MS) without matrixes. We found that 6-amidopyrene derivatives were highly detectable by the LDI MS instrument equipped with a 355 nm laser. In a certain case of a 6-amidopyrene derivative, a molecular ion peak [M](+•) and a characteristic(More)
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