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In this study, we investigated the adaptation strategy employed by Atriplex centralasiatica Iljin in response to high salinity. When grown in high saline environments (100–200 mM NaCl), A. centralasiatica plants were larger and more succulent. This increased growth and water uptake was correlated with a large and specific cellular accumulation of sodium,(More)
Principal component analysis (PCA) is a statistical technique commonly used in multivariate data analysis. However, PCA can be difficult to interpret and explain since the principal components (PCs) are linear combinations of the original variables. Sparse PCA (SPCA) aims to balance statistical fidelity and interpretability by approximating sparse PCs whose(More)
Color Doppler flow imaging takes a great value in diagnosing and classifying benign and malignant breast lesions. However, scanning of color Doppler sonography is operator-dependent and ineffective. In this paper, a novel breast classification system based on B-Mode ultrasound and color Doppler flow imaging is proposed. First, different feature extraction(More)
The histone modification level has been shown to be related with gene activation and repression in stress-responsive process, but there is little information on the relationship between histone modification and cell cycle gene expression responsive to environmental cues. In this study, the function of histone modifications in mediating the transcriptional(More)
To ensure survival, plants must adjust to various abiotic stresses in their environment. Identifying their stress-responsive genes is important for understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the process of adaptation. From Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge seedlings, we isolated and characterized two stress-related genes that are highly conserved. Both(More)
This paper describes the microfluidic streak plate (MSP), a facile method for high-throughput microbial cell separation and cultivation in nanoliter sessile droplets. The MSP method builds upon the conventional streak plate technique by using microfluidic devices to generate nanoliter droplets that can be streaked manually or robotically onto petri dishes(More)
We investigated the effects of low nocturnal temperature on photosynthetic apparatus of winter rapeseed (Brassica campestris L.). An artificial climate chamber was used to simulate the effects of low nocturnal temperature on seedling and stomatal morphology, chloroplast ultrastructure, photosynthetic parameters, and dry matter distribution and accumulation(More)
The ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene encodes rRNA for protein synthesis. Aberrant expression of the rRNA gene has been generally observed in tumor cells and levels of its promoter methylation as an epigenetic regulator affect rRNA gene transcription. The possible relationship between expression and promoter methylation of rDNA has not been examined in human(More)
The demand for INSULIN is increasing rapidly along with the increased number of diabetic patients. Using the CRE/loxP system, we developed a selective marker-free system without crossing to produce PROINSULIN in transgenic plant. In frame of this approach, the induced promoter pRD29A was isolated from Arabidopsis. The CRE recombinase gene was placed under(More)
Seed damage is a common phenomenon in nature and in agricultural production. In this experiment, partial endosperm removal from wild barley (Hordeum spontaneum) caryopses, sampled from three ecotypes originated from xeric environments in Israel, was conducted. The aim was to examine seed dormancy and germination states in damaged caryopses and salt(More)
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