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The state-of-the-art advancement in wind turbine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis for the recent several years is reviewed. Since the existing surveys on wind turbine condition monitoring cover the literatures up to 2006, this review aims to report the most recent advances in the past three years, with primary focus on gearbox and bearing, rotor and(More)
The performance of a prototype standing wave thermoacoustic cooler is optimized using an extremum seeking control algorithm. A tunable Helmholtz resonator was developed for a thermoacoustic cooler to change the boundary condition of the standing wave tube. The volume of the resonator is adjusted by changing the location of a piston on a ball-screw assembly(More)
Vehicle electrification is envisioned to be a significant component of the forthcoming smart grid. In this paper, a smart grid vision of the electric vehicles for the next 30 years and beyond is presented from six perspectives pertinent to intelligent transportation systems: 1) vehicles; 2) infrastructure; 3) travelers; 4) systems, operations, and(More)
Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) have demonstrated their capability of improving the fuel economy and emission. The plug-in HEV (PHEV), utilizing more battery power, has become a more attractive upgrade of HEV. The charge-depletion mode is more appropriate for the power management of PHEV, i.e. the state of charge (SOC) is expected to drop to a low threshold(More)
Economizers have been recognized as a class of energy-saving devices for heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that may increase the energy efficiency by taking advantage of outdoor air during cool or cold weather. There has been a tremendous demand for reducing energy consumption of HVAC systems in commercial buildings. However, many(More)
The commercial development of thermoacoustic coolers has been hampered in part by their low efficiencies compared to vapor compression systems. A key component of electrodynamically driven coolers is the electromechanical transducer, or driver. The driver's electroacoustic transduction efficiency, defined as the ratio of the acoustic power delivered to the(More)