Yaoyi Li

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Strontium titanate is a model transition metal oxide that exhibits versatile properties of special interest for both fundamental and applied researches. There is evidence that most of the attractive properties of SrTiO3 are closely associated with oxygen vacancies. Tuning the kinetics of oxygen vacancies is then highly desired. Here we reported on a(More)
We demonstrate experimentally the existence of two stability regimes of Ag nanoislands grown on a Si(111)-(4 x 1)-In surface: a conventional regime at low temperature where only one island shape is stable, and an unconventional regime at room temperature (RT) where isotropic compact islands coexist with anisotropic elongated ones. First-principles(More)
Electrostatic gating provides a powerful approach to tune the conductivity of the two-dimensional electron liquid between two insulating oxides. For the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 (LAO/STO) interface, such gating effect could be further enhanced by a strong lattice polarization of STO caused by simultaneous application of gate field and illumination light. Herein, by(More)
Spin state controlling has always been a focus of intensive studies due to its importance for novel effect exploration and information technology. Complex oxides with competitive mechanisms are suitable objects of study for this purpose due to their susceptibility to external stimuli. Perovskite cobaltate La(1-x)Sr(x)CoO3 is one of such oxides. Combined(More)
A neural computational model is suggested in this paper for investigating the stimulus dependence of spiking patterns and the neural representation of alpha-oriented moving light bars in the cortex. In this model, a stimulus-directed cortical developing algorithm is introduced for training the neural network. Three classes of computer simulations concerned(More)
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