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This paper presents a method to reconstruct a 3D garment model from a sketchy garment contour, there are three features with our method: firstly, a reference model of 3D human is established by restricting the direction of the distance field (only direction along z-axis is considered), and it makes the computation of distance field much easier; secondly, an(More)
Relevance feedback plays as an important role in sketch retrieval as it does in existing content-based retrieval. This paper presents a method of relevance feedback for sketch retrieval by means of Linear Programming (LP) classification. A LP classifier is designed to do online training and feature selection simultaneously. Combined with feature selection,(More)
We propose a 3D model feature line extraction method using templates for guidance. The 3D model is first projected into a depth map, and a set of candidate feature points are extracted. Then, a conditional random fields (CRF) model is established to match the sketch points and the candidate feature points. Using sketch strokes, the candidate feature points(More)
This paper presents an interactive motion-editing method for human animation. Through sketches, users are able to create a 3D skeleton model without any constraints. Then motion retargeting is used to adapt the original motion to the model obtained from the sketches. For supporting expression of intention, our method provides users with direct manipulation(More)
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