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Hair bulge progenitor cells (HBPCs) are multipotent stem cells derived from the bulge region of mice vibrissal hairs. The purified HBPCs express CD34, K15 and K14 surface markers. It has been reported that HBPCs could be readily induced to transdifferentiate into adipocytes and osteocytes. However, the ability of HBPCs to transdifferentiate into(More)
Type IV failure, the key life time limiting factor for high Cr steel strengthened with W steel such as P92, occurs in the fine grain heat affected zone (FGHAZ) of a weld. However, the actual size of FGHAZ in a weld is too small (1-2mm), it is necessary to re-produce sizeable uniform specimen for creep tests (such as smooth and notched bar) in order to(More)
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