Yaowen Zhang

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A fast, sensitive and reliable ultra fast liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UFLC-MS/MS) method has been developed and validated for simultaneous quantitation of polygalaxanthone III (POL), ginsenoside Rb1 (GRb1), ginsenoside Rd (GRd), ginsenoside Re (GRe), ginsenoside Rg1 (GRg1) and tumulosic acid (TUM) in rat plasma after oral administration(More)
The motion of space manipulator with a flexible base will generate interaction forces and torques acting at the base, which cannot be avoided. In order to improve the control performance of the manipulator and the vibration depressing effect of the flexible base, a kind of combined control law is proposed. That is, a resolved acceleration control(More)
Here, we have carefully investigated iodine-mediated etching of gold nanorods (AuNRs) in the presence of iodate and applied this phenomenon to on-site detection of dissolved oxygen (DO). Under given conditions, the quantitative conversion of target analytes DO to iodine leads to the etching of AuNRs along the longitudinal direction with the aid of(More)
To meet the needs of the log curves vectorization, roller scanner can be used to acquire geophysical log images. However, skews are inevitably introduced during the process of long image scanning. Skew correction is an important step to obtain precise digital log curves. Grid lines in log curves can be applied as the basis for skew detection. The(More)
This paper presents a new CMOS current-feedback operational amplifier based on the adoption of the MOS tube in order to improve slew-rate. The cascode circuit was used to decrease the influence of power supply. Resistance feedback was used in the output stage to improve its load driving capability. Simulation results of the CFOA using BSM3's 0.25um CMOS(More)
Based on enzymatic-like reaction mediated etching of gold nanorods (GNRs), an ultrasensitive visual method was developed for on-site detection of urine glucose. With the catalysis of MoO42-, GNRs were efficiently etched by H2O2 which was generated by glucose-glucose oxidase enzymatic reaction. The etching of GNRs lead to a blue-shift of logitudinal(More)
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