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The parabolic-trough solar concentrator is the key component in parabolic-trough solar thermal power plants. The parabolic-trough solar concentrator is designed in this paper. It was analyzed under operational condition and under snow load. The model of the coefficient of accumulated snow with the different rotational angle is established. The coefficient(More)
The numerical analysis of boundary layer effect is one of the major concerned problems in boundary element method (BEM). The accuracy of this problem depends on the precision of the evaluation of the nearly singular integrals. In the boundary element analysis with direct formulation, the hyper-singular integral will arise from the potential derivative(More)
The decoupling and linearisation (D&L) of induction motor (IM) is an important approach to improve the control performance further. The multiscalar model of IM owns many advantages. So, based on the multiscalar model of IM, the analytic inverse system (ANIS) theory was used to analyze the invertibility of the IM system, and the analytic inverse(More)
Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) represents a clean electrochemical energy conversion technology with characteristics of high conversion efficiency and low emissions. It is one of the most important new energy technologies in the future. However, the manufacture of SOFCs based on the structure of anode/electrolyte/cathode is complicated and time-consuming.(More)