Yaoli Tong

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BACKGROUND This study investigated the use of nanodiamond particles (NDs) as a promising material for drug delivery in vivo and in vitro. METHODS HepG2 cells (a human hepatic carcinoma cell line) were used to determine the characteristics of a nanodiamond-doxorubicin complex (ND-DOX) when taken up by cells in vitro using laser scanning confocal microscopy(More)
We herein opened up a facile and green strategy for the fabrication of bright orange-fluorescent gold-silver nanoclusters (AuAgNCs@ew, GSNCs) by a one-pot synthesis at a vital molar ratio of Au/Ag precursors in the egg white protein matrix using microwave-assisted method. The prepared GSNCs exhibited enhanced fluorescence with fluorescent quantum yield of(More)
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